What is Uppercaseit.com?

UppercaseIt.com provides the ability to uppercase, lowercase, flip, reverse or transform any text.

Copy and paste the results into an e-mail,
word doc, powerpoint or just about any application.

Uppercaseit.com... Because nobody wants to retype it!

OCTOBER 30. 2009
Thanks everone for your feedback and support. A few more transformation options have been added such
as: braille, morse code, (hyphen) -friendly urls, (underscore) _friend urls, url encoding/decoding and rot13. Theres a lot more in store. I've alo added a character, word and line counter. All options are unchecked by default, but once options are selected your preferences are stored for the session. I've also removed the need to select any options in case you're using just the count features.

OCTOBER 12. 2009
Uppercaseit.com started in September of 2009. The idea originated from the caps lock key being to close to the shift key. Since its release Uppercaseit.com has helped numerous people keep those 10 minutes a day that would result in having to retype unintentionaly uppercased paragraphs.

Have you ever had a family member, friend or client give you a document typed in all upper case?
Uppercaseit.com is the solution!

Have you ever started typing a letter only to realize that half way through you decide you need to yell (via caps of course) well don't re-type it. Just copy, paste and transform your text.

Upper or lowercase your facebook status, tweets, blog posts, headings, emails, etc...
The applications are endless.

Uppercaseit.com is currently in v.01, come back often to check out the future improvments.

Questions, Comments or Concerns, visit the CONTACT page.

We could always use your help. If you like the site and want to help its continued growth, donate a little something. Anything and everything is sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

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